Greenbin Program

London will begin a Green Bin program the week of January 15, 2024.

A Green Bin is like a blue (recycling) bin, but for food waste such as fruit and vegetable skins, meat and chicken, spoiled leftovers, and other inedible food waste like bones. The Green Bin would be collected from your home at the curbside much like your Blue Box is. 

Organic materials such as food scraps, spoiled food, and soiled paper can make up nearly half our residential garbage by weight. Using your Green Bin and properly recycling and sorting your waste helps our community:

  • Reduce  greenhouse gasses like the methane gas created when organic material breaks down in the landfill
  • Turn waste into a new resource that feeds local farms and soils
  • Extend the life of our landfill by keeping organic materials out

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