London Hydro Construction Project - Vesta Subdivision

In order to improve the electrical distribution system and increase the reliability of supply, London Hydro will be rehabilitating the underground electrical distribution system in the Vesta Subdivision area. The affected area is highlighted in blue on the map below. The existing underground primary cables throughout this subdivision have reached their end of life. London Hydro plans to replace the existing infrastructure in order to improve both the safety and the reliability of the supply. In addition, this project will also replace any high voltage infrastructure that we have running through customers back yards and will relocate it to the front of properties within the City of London right-of-way along road allowances to our current standards. This project will be completed as detailed below:

Placement of New Duct and Cable Pulling

London Hydro’s private contractor will install new underground duct in the subdivision within the City of London right-of-way along road allowances and within registered easements on private property. Wherever possible these ducts will be installed using a trenchless technology (directional drilling) to limit site disruption. However, specific site conditions may require open trenching. Please be advised that staff from both the private contractor and London Hydro could be working on your property to install these new pipes with the actual work at each specific location lasting no more than a few days. Access to driveways will be maintained and any temporary driveway closures will be coordinated in advance with the owner and/or resident.

Following the installation of new underground duct, new primary cables will be installed in the duct. This work will involve London Hydro’s private contractor and/or London Hydro staff operating cable pulling machinery in the roadway and boulevard. It may be necessary to access backyards at some points during this phase of construction.

Padmount Transformer Replacement

All of the transformers are located within the City of London boulevard. As part of the rehabilitation work, some of the transformers within the subdivision will need to be replaced. This work will be completed by London Hydro’s private contractor. Please be aware that a crane may be required to remove the existing transformers. A power outage will be required when changing out the existing transformers. Forty-eight hours advance notice for planned power interruptions will be provided to those affected.

Civil Restorations

Any restoration required to your property will be completed in a timely fashion and to pre-construction conditions following restoration standards OPSS 802 & 803. The timing for restoration will be determined by weather and labour availability. Please note that London Hydro will water the sod for 30 days after sodding; after which, the customer will be responsible to water any sod that is placed in the restored areas.

For questions or concerns regarding the project prior to construction, please contact:

Derek Sanderson - Engineering Technologist Phone: (519) 661-5800 ext. 5850
Email: [email protected]

Once construction starts, questions or concerns regarding site restoration, please contact:

Ryan Fletcher - Construction Superintendent Phone: (519) 661-5800 Ex. 5276
Email: [email protected]

The above-mentioned work is scheduled to start in early 2024 and last approximately 5 weeks. We understand that the construction will result in some short-term inconvenience however your patience is appreciated as this work is necessary and is being completed to ensure the long-term reliability of your electrical service. For updates in the construction schedule as we get closer please visit: